I believe in soul mates. I believe in romance and love and passion and finding that special someone, where I can surrender who I’ve been for who they are.

What’s happened to those true gentlemen that open doors for you, pull out your seat, help you put your coat on and defend your honour?

What’s happened to writing notes and love letters and looking someone in the eyes and telling them how you feel? Feeling awkward in front of them and surrendering yourself, feeling vulnerable and allowing yourself to be truly seen, where has the romance gone?

Now it’s all about what you can buy for each other, how much extravagance you can offer, showing affection by how much you spend. It shouldn’t be like this, it’s the simple things, the simple gestures, the simple gifts. It should be about the love, passion and romance you can offer.

I sometimes feel as if I should’ve been born in a different era, I’m very traditional when it comes to love. To me it’s all about waiting for your soul mate, that one person who makes you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach when you know you’re going to see them. That person who makes your heart skip a beat when you see them. That person whose touch makes you feel like you’re in heaven. That person who makes you smile and laugh. That person who makes you melt when you see them. The look in their eyes, the smile on their face, their body language when they’re around you, their eyes watching your every move and enjoying it. The way they want to protect you from others. The chemistry, that spark, that relationship you have with only them and no one else.

That to me is when you know you’ve found the one – very traditional but that’s me.  I’m protective over my heart, why give it out to just anyone when it’s the most valuable thing I own. Everything stems from the heart; it’s where your soul resides.

To me it’s about waiting…