It made me warm inside when he looked at me, he was happy to see me; a look of surprise mixed with softness and kindness. I looked different, he liked it, it showed in his eyes.

He has kind eyes. Soft kind eyes. It is the way that he looks at me that pulls on my strings. I wish I could look into them for longer, see into his soul, my shyness takes over and I look away.

He is beautiful. This beautiful man with beautiful hair.

His heart is pure, his energy is calm, I am drawn to him. His skin looks so soft.

We laugh, we flirt,  we joke, he makes me giggle. His smile is genuine, his teeth are perfect. To brush my lips with his lips……I want to……I want to kiss him!

I feel calm when he is around. I want to hold him close and have him wrap his arms around me. I want to interlock my fingers with his; his perfectly manicured, soft, strong hands.

His voice is calm, he is distinguished and smart. I notice how he dresses, I love ‘that’ jumper he wears,  soft like his eyes.

He disarms me, keeps me……thinking……wondering.  He is the exception to the rule and mesmerising.

His eyes.