Kissing – sensual, intimate, explosive.

That feeling you get when you want to kiss someone, the heat rushing through your body, feeling yourself flush. Looking at his lips, wanting them on yours, imagining the feeling, wondering when you’ll be alone with him, wondering if he’ll make a move.

The moment arrives, you’re alone, flushing, shy.  He takes the lead, he comes in close, the electricity running high, butterflies in your stomach. You stand there, unable to move, wanting him. You feel your body melt, the beat of your heart getting faster. Every part of your body is sensitive to his touch. He moves in closer, your bodies are touching. His eyes locked into yours, smoldering, you look at his lips.  You feel him breathing, his lips slightly parted, the heat.

Your lips lightly touch, feather touch, you feel it deep inside. His hands find your hands, pulling you closer, skin on skin contact, you start to kiss.

Slowly at first, tempting, he softly pulls your lip between his lips and releases, softly, you moan. Your heads tilt, the only thing keeping you together is the interlocking of your lips, in this perfect kiss. Your lips moving in sync. His hands release yours, they move to your hips, his touch makes you tingle. Your hands move to his arms, finding comfort in his strength.

His tongue invades your mouth, softly, meeting yours, teasing it, you both tease and taunt as your bodies are pulled closer, his arms enclosing your waist, your arms around his neck.

You’re both hot, the kiss turns into passion, walking you back against the wall he moves his hands to your face, where he pulls you closer, kissing you deeper, invading your mouth fully with his tongue, you let him invade and invade back.

You’re locked, you’re hooked, passion writhing through your bodies, the only release you have is in this kiss, you’re both hot, bodies close.

You slow down, pulling back your tongues, softly kissing each other, easing your hold, his hands back on your hips, your kissing easing off, lightly touching lips.

You open your eyes, you’re both breathless, from this one kiss, this one perfect kiss. 

You feel shy, he leans his head against yours, your noses touching. Feeling melted, heart racing, hot and disarmed, you try to recover.

Kissing – sensual, intimate, explosive.