I love hugs.

Giving and receiving them, it is such a positive experience. It’s uplifting, warming and the affection is heartfelt.

Then you have ‘those’ hugs…the ones where you’re longing to be close to them. The feeling of opening not only your arms but also your heart to someone, allowing them to be close to you.

I love this.

The attraction of energies pulling you together. Wanting to be enveloped in their arms, warm, protected, a place where you know everything is going to be okay.

These are the hugs I really love.

Being able to feel their body next to yours and holding them tight not wanting to let go. Wrapping your arms around each other and being close enough to smell their aftershave. Resting your head close to theirs, allowing your lips to softly touch their neck. Feeling the temperature rise.

Time stands still, no one and nothing else matters, you may be surrounded by people but it feels like its just the two of you.

Then you have to let go, you move away, stroke your hands down his arms and the last skin contact you feel is the tips of your fingers parting.

All you can think about is that one perfect moment-in-time hoping it will happen again.

I love hugs.