At some point or at numerous points in your life you will meet someone that will shake you to the core; impact upon you so deeply that you may never be the same again.

Not always is this someone meant to be with you on your journey through this life; they may merely appear and disappear when life lessons are to be taught and learnt.

Appreciate that everyone is in your life for a reason, you appear in their life as much as they appear in yours, you learn from them as much as they learn from you. It’s what you do when they’ve left that matters; look back and see what you’ve learnt from that moment in time. Are you stronger? Are you different? Have you developed as a person? What did they teach you? What did you teach them?

Don’t upset yourself over them leaving your life, look forward, how else can you move on? Family, friends,  lovers, they all appear and disappear, it’s life.

Release the emotions you have for them and be free. Holding on emotionally to someone you cannot have in your life forever wastes your energy and isn’t good for your soul.

Be strong, be confident, be the light you are meant to be.

Love and light