He gives me butterflies, I hear his voice and I feel them flutter. Deep inside. I want him to talk to me.

*talk to me, talk to me* 


His voice is my vice. He, is, my vice. I hear his voice, not being able to see him makes me want him even more.


I know i’ll see him soon, I have butterflies. I want to look my best. 


*what to wear, what to wear*


I wonder what he’ll be wearing, he looks good in anything. He is beautiful.


I hear him, I know he’s there. I don’t want to look up, I’m too shy. I want this man so much. I know he’s there, looking at me. I feel myself blush. My body heats up.


I look up.

I see him.

Time is in slow motion.

I drink him in.

He looks sexy, so sexy, walking towards me. He’s next to me. I stand. I want to move closer. I can’t. I’m frozen. His eyes, his hair, he, is, beautiful.


*please move in closer*


He looks good, he looks smooth, I want to stand close to him, I want to look deep in to his eyes.


*hold me*


We can’t, there’s too many people. We talk, what about, I don’t know. All I know is, we talk. We joke, we laugh, he smiles, wow he has an amazing smile. His laugh penetrating, hitting me deep inside.


“Lets go see”, I hear myself say, we wander off. We’re alone. I feel those butterflies. Deep. Inside. My heart beats faster. We stand, looking around, taking in our surroundings. I look at him. Watch him. Taking all of him in.


*kiss me, we’re alone*


I move closer to him, he can’t see me, I can smell his aftershave, oh he smells so good. I want to touch him. I’m too shy. I hesitate.


He turns around. I freeze. I can’t move. I stare in to his eyes. He steps towards me. My heart is beating fast, I feel like I’m going to explode. I want this man. I need this man. 


Our foreheads touch, he looks down, biting his lower lip, snaking one hand around my waist, pulling me in closer. His other hand reaches for my face, grazing my breast on the way, my breath catches. My heart is racing. I can feel him, close, I can feel all of him, against me.


His lips move towards mine, he’s in control. I stand frozen, mesmerised by him, his lips.


*kiss me, kiss meee*


We hear voices, we both freeze, we quickly move away from each other. We carry on as normal. My heart is still racing, he seems so cool and calm, I can’t look at him.


*why why why did they have to disturb us, why?*


He gives me butterflies.