From the second I saw you I felt the connection. You’re beautiful and I’m shy. Our eyes caught and for a moment it was just us. I wanted to talk but I was shy. My heart skipped a beat and I saw it in your eyes. That glint. My shyness reflected in you. When will I see you again?

We meet again. We finally speak. It’s beautiful. It’s natural. It’s us. The world ceases to exist. Just you and me. So much to say, such little time. Don’t leave. You make me smile. My heart is melting. I never knew it would be like this. We stand still, face to face. I’m too shy to look. Yet I try. Try and take in every feature. When will I get this moment again. When will I see you again?

I see you, from afar. My heart skips a beat. I see you. You see me. I would wave, I would smile. I’m too shy. You’re so beautiful. I want us to be alone. I want time. I want your time. When will I see you again?

You have deep, beautiful eyes. They wrinkle when you smile. When you don’t smile your eyes smoulder. They’re intense. You seem intense. Yet when we spoke you seemed so comfortable. When will I see you again?