I feel it too. When you hurt it also hurts me. I feel the pain you feel. I feel helpless, I want to help you. I wish I could change it all for you. I wish things were different. When you’re sad I feel it. It stops me and overwhelms me, like a bullet to the heart. I wish I could be there and hug you, in that exact moment. To tell you every will be ok. Shower you with the love you need a deserve. When you feel hopeless I know. I know it because I feel this in my heart too. I want to protect you and shield you from everyone negative. To tell them enough is enough. That you deserve better. I want you to know that I will always be by your side. Together we are stronger. You’re my soul mate and we are in this lifetime for a reason. Like a puzzle, the pieces are falling into place. I need you to be strong. You need to take this lesson I give you. You need to learn and change. You need to feed your soul with what it needs. We are not in this lifetime to settle for what we think is right. We are here to live our purpose. What is your purpose? It’s in your heart, you know what it is. Feel it, embrace it, live it. Be kind to your soul because I feel it too.