He makes me laugh. He makes me feel alive. He makes me passionate about life. He makes me.
I’m amazed that I can disagree with him and in the same breath laugh about how crazy our disagreements are. I don’t like fighting with him and I hate it when we aren’t in balance but the forgiveness and love is there. It’s always there. I can’t stay annoyed or angry at him. When I hurt him, I hurt myself. It’s self-inflicted pain. His beautiful eyes make me melt. I need to look at them. I need to stare into his soul so we can connect. He makes me feel a connection. He is my only connection.

I would never think twice about giving anything up for him. He makes me. He makes me laugh. How can he and I sit and have such serious conversations and then end up giggling and hugging. It’s crazy. We are crazy. My life is in balance when we are in balance. I don’t know what my life would be like without him. It’s unimaginable. It’s too painful. I’m deeply in love with this crazy man who drives me crazy. Who in one sentence can make my blood boil and heart melt. He makes me melt. My heart skips a beat when I see him. We are crazy.

I want and need him. Always. If he was mine I would never give him up for anyone or anything. I’ve found my soulmate and I want forever with him. I want him forever. He is my forever. He makes me a better version of me when we are in balance. When we are not in balance I miss him. I miss us. I crave him.

I look at him and inside I smile. Even when I’m upset, he makes me smile. This is my forever guy. This is my forever. I can’t explain the connection. It’s more than love. It’s an addiction. When I’m upset with him I need to be around him. I want to sit and be upset and miserable around him. Because even if we aren’t talking I need him around. He calms me. He makes me. I love him.