Every day I wake up and think about the ways in which I can change my life. I read my blogs and see which I should delete and keep. Which ones are holding me back and which ones inspire me to move on. Sometimes the pain of reading these posts I’ve written makes me take them offline. It hurts to have them out there. These words for the world to see. And then I feel I shouldn’t hide them. At one point that is how I felt. This was my life and how can I move on if I hide those posts? How can I move on if I allow them to hurt me? These feelings I once felt. The words I once wrote. I need to move forward and accept what comes my way.

I read this beautiful post on Elephant Journal and the author said, “If you dare to follow your desires you will suffer for it but the beauty, passion and love in the end will make it all worthwhile.”

One month has passed since my heart was broken and if I can survive that I can survive the next chapter of my life. I look forward to my next chapter. I don’t know what will be but I know that my twin flame is out there, waiting for me to come home.