Why do we insist on living our lives going against the tide. If we struggle, suffer and have heartache isn’t that a clear sign that all we are doing isn’t right? A sign that this is not how it’s meant to be? What can be clearer?

I repeat over and over again, why aren’t we making a change if we know we aren’t happy with how things are? Why do we wait and wait thinking ‘things’ will change. Deep down we know what to do but we fear it. Why? Because we don’t have the confidence, strength and courage in ourselves, in our hearts, in our minds to take a chance.

Everything in life is an unknown. Everything. So what is there to lose? You lose the struggle, the suffering, the heartache and this is all a gain. A lightening of your soul. Taking a chance doesn’t means you’re giving up the past. It doesn’t mean you’re running away. It means you want to live the life that makes you happy. Only when we are happy can we make others happy. Only then can our shine glow and warm others.

Be strong. Be courageous. Be the one who makes a change. Be someone who is admired for taking a chance. Inspire others. Take the leap. Is your unhappiness worth not taking the chance? Aren’t you sacrificing too much? Taking on too much heartache? Feeling so much burden? To suffer this much is bad for your mind, body and soul. And only we are responsible for our mind, body and soul. No one else. Just us. As individuals.

We are here in this lifetime once. How can we afford to live it being unhappy? How can we justify the gift of life that we have been given and we waste it away with unhappiness. We are lucky that we get to make changes. We are lucky that we have the chance to be happy. If you feel nothing is going right, are you going against the tide?